27/08/19 - Disrupt the Continuum - Disrupt the Continuum EP

Disrupt the Continuum is a four-piece metal band from Newport in South Wales, featuring ex-members of Cryptophile, Epic Fail, Fell on Black Days, and Honour Among None. Describing their sound to be a ‘blend of metal genres’ the band cite some of their influences as Andy James (ex-Sacred Mother Tongue), Animals as Leaders and Killswitch Engage to name a few. In September 2018 Disrupt the Continuum released their self-titled debut and I thought it was about time I gave it a spin, so here goes.

Getting started with a short track appropriately titled “Intro”, the band introduces their distinct modern metal sound with abundant use of big chords and heavy drums. Next up “Collective Suicide” makes good use of the stereo spectrum with different guitar riffs played simultaneously but panned left and right to create an interesting harmony. The pre-chorus section is somewhat reminiscent of “The Light That Blinds” by Shadows Fall which is a definite blast from the past. Alex Harrison’s aggressive vocals turning melodic at the chorus is a nice touch too.

“Callous” is a considerably heavier effort with a Killswitch Engage vibe and plenty of chugging courtesy of Mark Tranter and Jay Stu on guitar and bass respectively. In fact, the only thing missing from this crash course in modern metal is a face-melting guitar solo. Once again Alex perfectly balances his clean and growled vocals throughout. “Waves” on the other hand opens with some superb thrash riffing and drums and yet at the chorus I am instantly reminded of a heavier Sacred Mother Tongue, if there can be such a thing.

Well into the second half of the EP now, “Hate Consumes” again screams Sacred Mother Tongue in its aggressive yet melodic arrangement. The song exemplifies all the band’s best qualities and it is no surprise that this track was chosen to be featured on BBC introducing back in November 2018. With penultimate track “Flames Alight” following a similar format to “Waves”, Disrupt the Continuum’s excellently executed song arranging formula is surely revealed. Despite this, some furious fretwork and a stellar guitar solo midway through the song take the whole track up a notch and prevent it from being too much like its predecessor.

And finally, “Re-Use” finishes off what is a superb debut all round. Featuring some brutal drumming by Christian Powell and another glorious guitar solo by Mark, this song really shows off what Disrupt the Continuum can do, and I can’t wait to hear more. This EP is essential listening for any modern metal fan.

Disrupt the Continuum is out now.

Check it out on Spotify at the link below: https://open.spotify.com/album/5pNI6Btaj4DymtXMg94TBS



Disrupt the Continuum - Disrupt the Continuum EP

14/08/19 - Second Cities - Broken Lung [Single]

Second Cities is a five-piece post-hardcore band formed in Birmingham, UK in August 2017. The band’s line-up comprises of Jay on vocals, Zach ‘Edge’ on bass, Josh ‘Zee’ on drums, and Tony Mac and ‘Docker’ on lead and rhythm guitars respectively. Listing their influences as 2000’s metal, they are due to release a new single entitled “Broken Lung” on the 31st August which is only a couple of weeks away, so I thought I’d give it a listen.

Opening with a raw sounding guitar riff “Broken Lung” slowly builds up the tension before unleashing it to dramatic effect in the form of a melodic pre-verse. At the one-minute mark Jay’s clean-ish vocals storm in and again build in intensity as the song progresses After the first chorus there is a brief guitar solo followed by another verse and chorus, both ever so slightly more aggressive than their predecessors. The subtle increase of rage as the song progresses is insane. Two-thirds through the track there is a shift in style with an almost choral bridge which adds a touch of variety right before a satisfying second guitar solo. The song ends with a final reprise of the extremely catchy chorus.

“Broken Lung” is a well-constructed post-hardcore effort with plenty to be admired throughout. My only criticism is that the track adheres strictly to the sub-genre’s pre-determined template that has been used countless times by many of the band’s peers. This is post-hardcore played well and at its finest but equally it is not ground-breaking either. I’m sure the band have learnt a lot recording this track and it shows. They will certainly be able to put what they have learned to good use on their next single or album. I thoroughly enjoyed the song and look forward to hearing what they will have to offer next.

"Broken Lung" will be released on the 31st August.

In the meantime, why not check out their band page via the link below: https://www.facebook.com/secondcities



Second Cities - Broken Lung [Single]

05/08/19 - Atanamir - World of Malice EP

Atanamir is a thrash/groove metal band formed in Liverpool in 2016 by guitarist/vocalist Maciej R, drummer Tomasz D and bassist Arkadiusz B. They are heavily influenced by bands such as Act of Defiance, Trivium, Sepultura and Pantera to name a few. In 2018 they began work on their debut EP World of Malice and soon after Arkadisuz B was replaced by Fernando Rosa. After successfully reaching the final of Metal to the Masses Merseyside 2019, the band became a four-piece with Fernando moving to rhythm guitar and Oli Gonzalez joining on bass. 

World of Malice opening track “Lightbringer” is a great start with a chunky guitar intro that builds into full throttle thrash. As the song progresses there a plenty of riff changes to keep you guessing and the repeated shouts of “lightbringer!” at the chorus add an element of catchiness. The guitar solo is pretty tasty too. “Beyond the Grave” on the other hand begins with a drum intro and features a slower more deliberate tempo that almost lulls you into a false sense of security before the lightning riffs kick in again. Slowing down for a heavy chorus that really punctuates the solid groove of the track and is once again made for a headbang/sing-along. Half way through the song is taken up a notch with a foray into speed metal and another great guitar solo.

Up next is “World of Malice” which in true title track fashion features heaviness and melody in equal doses. Although it boasts plenty of hairpin riff changes, just like the rest of the EP, they feel as though they have been ever so slightly tamed. The song has just enough of a ‘radio single’ feel about it to warrant being the title track. And finally, “Yokai” brings the EP to a close with everything that the title track wasn’t. Heavy and progressive, and almost ‘Venom-esque’ in places. There is a melodic section towards the middle before a long guitar solo brimming with feeling and wah. This EP closer really turns into a full-on solo fest with plenty of lead guitar lines running right up to the final chorus.

World of Malice is a solid debut EP. Good production, well performed, ‘nicely’ (or brutally) arranged with an abundance of riffs, solos and hooks. I look forward to hearing plenty more.

World of Malice is out now.

Check it out on Spotify at the link below:




Atanamir - World of Malice EP